A little more information

For Dog Boarding or Daycare only  please skip if not applicable. 

The more information you can provide me the better.
Here are a few more questions for you to answer to help me provide the best service I can for your little ones. 

Out and About:

Do you usually walk you dog off lead?
Would you be happy for the walker to walk off lead?

The Dog walker will not walk any dogs off lead unless they are fully confident in the dogs recall skills. 

Do they get on with other dogs?
Are you happy for them to be walked in group?

In the home:

Are they usually allowed on the sofa at home?
Would you like us to use a crate if left unattended?

It is not usual practice to leave dogs unattended, but in some circumstances it is inevitable. Any damage caused whilst in our care for any reason may be charged to the client whose dog caused the damage. 

Are they comfortable around children?
Are they settled during fireworks?


Can they get possesive over Toys?
Can they get possesinve over Food?
Have they ever shown agresstion toward any other Dog or Person before?

Behavior that is deemed unacceptable can be found in the terms and conditions. Click Here

Social and Updates:

Are you happy for photos to be taken while using our services?
Are you happy for the photos to be used in Social Media?
What is your prefered method of contact?
Have they been to another service provider before?