New Client Registration 

​All new clients need to fill out a registration form that gives us the details we need to satisfy licence regulations. Once registered all service Jake's Adventures Petcare provides will be available, subject to compatibility.

 All details will be held for a minimum of 3 years and will not be passed on to any third party.

​ Please be advised for Daycare and Boarding:

  • All Vaccinations must be up to date at least two weeks before the booking. 

  • Titer tested dogs must also have proof of Lepto vaccine and needs to be carried out every year. 

  • All dogs need to be chipped by law and details available. I may ask for the chip number for my files.

  • Bitches must not be in season for the duration of the booking.

  • Intact Males over the age of 1 year old may be refused Daycare or Boarding due to excessive scenting or incompatibility with resident dogs.  

  • All dogs must be friendly with other dogs and Children.

  • No history of aggression. 

  • All dogs must be House Trained.

Vaccinations are not necessary for Dog walking and home visit customers, but useful in case for any reason they need to attend daycare on assignment.

If any of these do not apply please get in touch before submitting form.

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