Sep 27, 2018

Harry and Vinnie


I have been introducing Harry to some of my other puppies over the last few weeks. Socialization is so important to a well balanced dog and I'm really lucky to have such a variation of dogs in my care. Vinnie bless him may grow up to be a big dog and it will be interesting to see how he will develop, yet he is so gentle and submissive with my smaller dogs. Harry will stay small but probably with a big heart. Letting them play together has let them adapt their play techniques due to the size difference and helped developed Harry's confidence and Vinnie's empathy. I love to see mutual play with pups. 😍🐾

New Posts
  • Christmas items will soon be available. I am gathering a few items together when they are available in the warehouse and they will be available soon. If you have any requests please give me a shout as only limited amounts are available.
  • Little baby Stanley has joined us for puppy home visits until graduation into group walks. I can't believe Baxter and Franco were so small once. 😍
  • Both had a lovely stay over the weekend. Rosie sleeps lovely on the floor in the livingroom and Ralph loves to be with everyone else in my room. Ralph's loved all the cuddles from Rachel.


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